Marine Tugboat Company

McDonough Marine Services is the proven leader in the Marine Transportation and Logistics industry for both inland and offshore barge towing services.

McDonough Marine Service is a marine tugboat company that owns and operates 7 inland push boats from 600 HP to 2200 HP. With visibility up to 54'7", we provide the means to safely move oversized cargos. Our open market vessel chartering of additional inland and ocean tugs provides our clients with various options to fulfill virtually any requirement.

Barges, on which cargoes are shipped, are usually non-self-propelled and therefore dependent on a tug for propulsion; where the tug is the prime mover for the barge, connected to the barge using a towline. Distance between both can reach 200 meters and more.

The most common configuration is the single tow, where one tug tows one barge. Another configuration is the tandem tow, also termed double tow, where one tug tows two barges, which possess a higher risk compared to a single tow. Other types of configuration would be tandem and breasted tugs, where two tugs are used to pull one tow unit and termed according to the positioning of the tugs

McDonough Marine Service, a leading marine tugboat company, is committed to performing each project in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. Our participation in the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program, combined with our unparalleled knowledge and experience in the "Project Cargo Market", enables us to develop one of the safest and most economical boat and barge packages in the industry.

Our company possesses the skills and equipment to successfully facilitate the ever-changing needs of our clients. To learn more about our barge towing services contact us now.

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