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McDonough Marine Service offers U.S. Coast Guard designed and approved “Liquid Mud Barges” that specialize in the transportation of Grade "E" and Grade "D" nonhazardous oilfield drilling fluids, as well as other non-hazardous fluids. The Liquid Mud barges are equipped with two deck-level bin tanks that provide a total of four separate compartments. Containing on-board piping and pumping systems, these barges are capable of both the circulation and discharge of fluids at any remote facility. While inland oil well drilling sites are the primary operational service location for these drilling barges, land-based storage facilities also benefit from the storage and transportation aspects they provide.

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Classification of Oils

  • Flammable Liquid: Are liquids that give off flammable vapors at or below 80°F. They are divided into Grades A, B, and C.
  • Combustible Liquids: Are liquids that will give off flammable vapors only above 80°F and are divided into Grades D and E.
  • Grade “D”: Any combustible liquid having a flash point under 180°F and above 80*F.
  • Grade “E”: Any combustible liquid having a flash point of 150°F or above.

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Liquid Mud Barges

BARGE SIZE Barge Type Maximum Barrel Capacity Gross Registered Tonnage
130' x 34’ x 7’ USCG Deck 2314 259

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