Hopper barges and split hopper barges are usually of double-hull construction, wherein the sides and bottom of the cargo hold are separated from the hull by void spaces. These double-hull barges are designed for efficient transport of commodities in bulk, such as grain, coal, sugar, ore, steel, aggregates, timber products and numerous other cargos.

Hopper barges have a boxed, single raked, or double-raked hull configuration. The hoppers may be covered or open. Covers provide protection of cargos from outside elements. Covers may be roll-top (telescoping), or lift-off (stacking) type.

Hopper Barge Fleet

BARGE SIZE Approximate Short Ton Cargo Capacity at Freeboards of:
  2' 3' 4'
195' x 35' x 12' 1630 1450 1245
195' x 35' x 13' 1880 1670 1460
200' x 35' x 13' 2100 1880 1660

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