Split Hopper Barge

Hopper barges and split hopper barges are usually of double-hull construction, wherein the sides and bottom of the cargo hold are separated from the hull by void spaces. These double-hull barges are designed for efficient transport of commodities in bulk, such as grain, coal, sugar, ore, steel, aggregates, timber products and numerous other cargos. They can be used for different industries or applications. 

Split hopper barges have a boxed, single-raked, or double-raked hull configuration. The double-hull barges may be covered or open. Covers provide protection of cargos from outside elements. Covers may be roll-top (telescoping), or lift-off (stacking) type.

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Hopper Barge Fleet

BARGE SIZEApproximate Short Ton Cargo Capacity at Freeboards of:
195' x 35' x 12'163014501245
195' x 35' x 13'188016701460
200' x 35' x 13'210018801660

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