Barge Services for the Marine Construction Industry

For more than 75 years, McDonough Marine Service has been providing construction barge services for marine construction industry across North America. As the demand for marine-based infrastructure has grown, so has our fleet. McDonough Marine Service is the largest supplier of deck barges in the United States. Our experience in the marine construction industry is unmatched and the versatility of our fleet offers a wide range of options for heavy civil construction projects of all sizes.

Heavy Civil Marine Project Experience                                      

  • Bridge Construction
    • Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Dock/Terminal/Wharf Construction
    • Monopiles/Anchor Piles
    • Mooring/Breasting Dolphins
  • Piers & Bulkheads
  • Pile Driving
  • Tunnel & Road Construction
  • Lock & Dam Construction
  • Coastal Restoration
  • Dredging
Construction Barge Services

Marine Construction Materials

  • Precast Concrete
  • Aggregate
  • Steel Pipe/Sheeting
  • Lumber
  • Sand

To accompany the equipment being used for construction, our extensive fleet of material barges and project cargo barges offer the ability to continuously supply what’s needed on the worksite to keep the job moving.

Truckable Tugs

As of recent, the addition of 7 new truckable tugs to our fleet of inland push boats allows contractors to fulfill a need for horsepower in even the most remote areas. The hinged pilot house facilitates easy set-up, breakdown, and transportation. Each tug boasts 600 HP with twin-screw engines and flanking rudders for maximum maneuverability. The eye-level stands at 19’ and while loaded, the draft measures at three and a half feet.

Fleet Locations

We offer 18 well-positioned fleets with 6 locations on the East Coast, 3 Mid-West locations, and 9 locations in the Gulf of Mexico, one of which is internationally based in Tampico, Mexico. These locations enable us to have more accessibility and familiarity of these ports and waterways allowing us to undertake any heavy civil marine construction barge services and logistic requirements with the knowledge and trust from our customers to effectively execute the job safely, timely, and cost-effectively.

With these prime locations, our experienced and knowledgeable maintenance department can effectively assess, manage necessary and certified repairs at location-specific designated shipyards, and keep our barges and boats in service while preventing minimum downtime.

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Barge Services for Construction Industry

What Types of Construction Barge Services Does McDonough Marine Offer?

McDonough Marine Service supplies a variety of inland deck, spud, craneproject cargo and ocean classed barges specifically designed for the marine construction industry. Given the criteria of your project, we can guide you towards the ideal barge requirements and logistics necessary to efficiently complete the job. McDonough Marine’s experienced logistics managers prioritize safety, project timelines, and budgets while maintaining quality service to our contractors.

Our vast array of barges include crane/spud barges where spuds can be utilized in a drop or powered capacity. Power spud barges operate through either the use of a hydraulic or friction winch. Both power and drop spud barges can be specially built to support a working crane. The current McDonough fleet includes spud barges capable of accommodating up to a 400-ton crane and typical crane sizes of 300-ton, 275-ton, 250-ton, and smaller cranes. This type of barge typically has a boxed stern that provides maximum flotation while the crane is being operated. Extra strengthening is generally provided under the crane working area by use of additional bulkheads, internal trusses, or deck frames. Wooden crane mats should always be used to further distribute the concentrated load and provide traction for the crane. These barges can also be used for transportation of general cargo or as work platforms.

Why Choose McDonough Marine for your Marine Construction Services?

With over 75 years of experience, our team offers the logistics and operations expertise needed to efficiently supply your projects with proper guidance and assistance. Our logistics project managers offer comprehensive offshore and inland waterway experience with all-encompassing knowledge and services.

Not only does McDonough offer the largest fleet of deck barges suited for your marine construction, we also actively support the construction industry while being supporters of the Association of General Contractors, the Deep Foundation Institute, the Pile Driving Contractors of America, the Association of Builders and Contractors, and the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.

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